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A Legacy of Influence



Our Mission


Recognizing coaches and educators who teach more than the classroom subject or coach the sport to inspire their students and athletes with life-long skills helping to establish a foundation of character to carry him or her into the future.

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The Award


Honoring gifted and dedicated educators and coaches who inspire students to become outstanding members of society by:

-helping them build lifelong skills and self-esteem through genuine achievement and perseverance
-showing them how to accomplish more than they ever thought possible


A Legacy of Influence


The Coach Jesse Parker Legacy Foundation has been created to present the Coach Jesse Parker Legacy Award to honor Coach Jesse Parker and to show our support of educators and coaches who exhibit(ed) his same dedication by pushing for student's and athlete’s highest potential.  The values and perseverance taught by Coach are so significant to the success of Coach’s alumni that we want to encourage others to apply the same philosophy for the good of all generations, today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Field Dedication